Our OEM division is a manufacturing powerhouse, crafting high-volume, quality hydraulic hose kits for some of the biggest names in UK and European manufacturing. Eastern’s kits are made from Manuli hose & fittings, fitted by highly trained, certified engineers, and come with a one year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Eastern’s OEM Brands division operates on a large scale, creating hose kits for all industries, including marine, pharmaceutical, road, rail and horticulture to name a few. We are passionate about getting you the best value and quality, working with our partners at Manuli and other world-respected manufacturers to deliver complete hose products to your exact needs. Our Manuli accredited engineers infuse high levels of technical skill and innovation into every stage, from gathering raw materials to cutting, testing and bundling your finished kit – all at a competitive price.

Why work with Eastern OEM Brands?

  • Expertise: Dedicated design team assembles custom hose kits all day, every day
  • Scale: Unrivalled access to stock and significant purchase power with manufacturers
  • Reliability: 12-month guarantee on all hoses purchased for complete peace of mind
  • Quality: nothing but the best, we work with leading brands including Manuli and Trelleborg
  • Competitive pricing: All products available from stock with free delivery
  • Testing: We perform tests on all hoses for any purpose e.g. certification



The OEM Brands division was formed in 2016 and is the fastest-growing area within the Eastern group. Headed by owner Matthew Gissing, Eastern has worked with some of the world’s leading brands across the UK and Europe.

With a huge stock holding and with an onsite team dedicated to creating custom kits on a large scale, the Eastern OEM Brand division is here to deliver exactly what you want, when you need it. Get in touch to explain your challenge and our team of experts will get share their expertise both technical and commercial to create the perfect hose kit for your needs. Cut out the middleman, go direct to manufacturer and increase your purchase power. All kits are backed by robust guarantees for total peace of mind.