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Ross Roper – A 10 Year Journey

“Seeing our continued growth and operational improvements for the benefits of our customer base gives me an incredible sense of pride and job satisfaction…”

When our customers think Eastern Hose, they instantly think Ross Roper.

Respected by colleagues and customers alike, Ross’ Eastern Hose career has gone from strength-to-strength.

The backbone of any business is its team. None of what we do would be possible without the drive, dedication, and work ethic they show on a daily basis – all characteristics which are epitomised by Ross.

Since 2015, Ross has been a mainstay of the Eastern Hose Family. Starting in the fluid power world in 2012, Ross has 10 years of invaluable experience and is well known and respected throughout the UK fluid power community.

In the early days of his Eastern Hose career, Ross was our External Sales Rep, after completing his hydraulic apprenticeship with another company, Ross joined Eastern Hose showing a great passion and aptitude for customer service and sales.

During the three years in this role, Ross forged long lasting relationships with several local businesses. Showing himself to be trustworthy, knowledgeable and dependable, Ross always went above and beyond for his customer base. During this time, Ross continued to build his fluid power knowledge, undertaking several hydraulic courses, but also fine-tuned his customer service approach.

It was this approach that saw Ross take the opportunity to move into Internal Sales. Working under the guidance of industry legend Tony King, Ross felt this was his chance to work alongside someone who could take his fluid power knowledge to the next level.

Quickly developing his knowledge and continuing to build a solid customer base for the business, Ross flourished continuing to go from strength-to-strength. Showing himself to be an integral cog in the Eastern Hose Sales Team. After 18 months of learning under his guidance, Tony was promoted to Head of Trade Counter and Ross was given the reins as Internal Sales Manager.

Establishing his own team, methods and sales ethos, Ross continued to build on the foundations that Tony and he had created. By this time, the product knowledge Ross had amassed was invaluable to the business and his team. Customers knew when calling Eastern Hose, you would receive the very best service and knowledge the industry had to offer. This is a real testament to the work ethic, dedication, and focused nature of Ross.

The importance of Ross to the business hadn’t gone unnoticed by the Senior Management Team. Pushing our Team to be the best that they can be, encouraging self-development and high performance, Ross had shown all the attributes to take the next step in his Eastern Hose career.

In January of this year Ross made the step up the Eastern Hose ladder. Having spent 4 years expanding our customer base, his product knowledge and honing his customer service skills, Ross was promoted to Operations Manager, a role which is integral to the progression of the business.

His past experiences made Ross the perfect candidate to move into an operational role. Overseeing the day-to-day running of our warehouse, Production Teams, stockholding and product management, Ross certainly has his hands full but his passion and commitment to the business and customer base remains.

Having already implemented new systems, improving production line processes and stock efficiencies, we’ve seen great improvements in production times, stock management, Technician capabilities and customer care. A testament to the determination and drive of Ross, we truly are reaping the benefits of having someone as talented as Ross as our Operations Manager.

At The Eastern Hose Group, we pride ourselves on having the industry’s leading team of high performers. Ross certainly emphasises this and we are incredibly proud of the progression Ross has made with Eastern Hose. Not only for the way he has built his own career but for the dedication he has shown to the business, his colleagues, and our loyal customer base.

“It’s an incredible place to work. Both Elaine Miller (Managing Director), and Matthew Gissing (Sales Director), are fantastic to work for and with. Their emphasis on self-progression and wanting their team to be the best they can be is such a refreshing approach. They’ve allowed me to undertake numerous courses and qualifications and I’ve recently completed the NEBOSH certificate; the company were very proactive in their support of me doing this.

“It’s their dedication to our team that makes you want to go that extra mile for the business and customer base. It’s easy when you know the main focus is to drive the business forward at all times. I’ve seen a lot of changes since joining in 2015 and worked with some incredibly talented people.

“Eastern Hose has gone from a local business to be nationally renowned, and this is a testament to the highly skilled team we have working here. Seeing our continued growth and operational improvements, for the benefits of our customer base, gives me an incredible sense of pride and job satisfaction – something I’m extremely proud to have been a part of.

“My main focus is to continue improving our operational efficiencies to ensure our customers continue receiving the very best service from Eastern Hose. The Senior Management Team, my Operations Team and colleagues throughout the business are all working extremely hard to ensure we continue on this growth curve.

“I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity to help the business evolve and cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

You and us all, Ross!

You’re a credit to yourself and the business and we thank you for showing the levels of dedication and commitment to our team and customers.

Keep up the great work!!!


Ross Roper

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