Eastern’s non-skive solution helps Kocurek deliver design excellence

Leading demolition specialist DSM had a mission: to create the highest and most versatile high-reach excavator in the UK. To do this, they enlisted the help of CAT OEM Solutions and bespoke excavator specialist Kocurek. As long time suppliers to Kocurek, we are very proud to have supplied all the parts and hydraulic expertise for the specialist arm of the digger.

The challenge

Kocurek was on a tight deadline, as the machine had to be delivered to site in May 2017 to undertake work on the demolition of the Tottenham Hotspurs football ground.

Birth of a monster: What’s special about the Cat 6015B?

  • Needs to fulfill both high reach and heavy-duty demolition duties
  • Working range from -19m up to 70m
  • Capable of handling tools from 2,500KG up to 12,000kg

As well as manufacturing the front-end equipment, Kocurek also carried out extensive modifications to the base machine. The machine weighs in at over 200t and easily splits down for transport.

On the hydraulics side, the demands were just as massive: with hundreds of metres of hose required, Kocurek needed an efficient and cost-effective solution from Eastern.

The solution

For this project, Eastern provided Manuli no-skive (ready to assemble) 420 bar interlock fittings, alongside Manuli’s 420 bar R15 Rockmaster hose, which proved exactly the right decision. “The use of the non-skive interlock fittings was a refreshing change in the hydraulic element of the project,” says Kocurek’s Service Manager, Martin Williams. “With the sheer volume of hose needed over the arm, it aided in the time required to make up hoses reducing it by 20 minutes per hose. It helped improve the efficiency of the members of staff involved in the final assembly of the project.”

The results

The use of non-skive fittings has led Kocurek to utilise it on all ongoing projects. “We have been so impressed with the quality and ease of use of the non-skive fittings that we plan to use them alongside the rest of the Manuli product range offering increased benefits to all our customers,” concludes Williams. In a final coup for Kocurek, the DSM model won the World Demolition Awards 2017 – Manufacturers Innovation Award – Plant & Equipment. In terms of customer satisfaction, DSM has noted how effect and efficient the machine has proved to be on working on site.

Congratulations, Kocurek – we at Eastern are proud to be your trusted supplier of hose and hydraulics!

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