Eastern launches Wireless BSP nut

Standard BSP hose fittings often struggle with the pulsating generated by machines, resulting in the thrust wire coming loose and extending out of the hose. This poses obvious health and safety issues and can also cause leaking of hydraulic oil and a loss in performance.

Working alongside a leading OEM in the steel piling market, the team here at Eastern has developed a specialist product built to add immediate value to those operating and maintaining machinery in this sector.

We have successfully tested and introduced a wireless BSP nut that can work up to 420 bars. We fit this nut to long multi spiral hose assemblies (normally 15 metres and up to 2″ ID).

It is built with a tradition slip nut on a standard hose tail. Working alongside the UK’s largest OEM we have tested this and have seen excellent results over a 12-month period.

We also fit the hoses with PVC guarding at no extra charge, which on average makes the hose last seven times as long. We are also pleased to say that we guarantee the performance of these hoses for twelve months.

We are able to supply these specialist products because we work very hard to listen to our customers and respond to their specific needs.

A large number of engineers working in the steel piling industry are now using these hoses and will provide references on their performance.

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